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Navigating Medicare Made Easy with Your Licensed Independent Agent

I'm Mike Reigh.

Your licensed and trained independent insurance agent in Wisconsin. Certified and appointed with the majority of companies in the area with a Medicare contract. I am qualified to answer any questions you may have.

Independent sales agent

I'm Mike

Finding the right Medicare insurance can be stressful for most. Let a licensed Medicare insurance agent make the process stress-free for you.

My process

4 Easy Steps to Make Your Life a Breeze.



I begin by assessing the healthcare needs of my clients. This includes understanding your medical history, any chronic conditions you may have, your preferred doctors and hospitals, and any prescription medications you take.

Plan Comparison

Based on the assessment, I compare various Medicare plans available in the area. This includes traditional Medicare (Parts A and B), Medicare Advantage plans (Part C), Prescription drug plans (Part D), and Medigap (supplemental) plans. I'll explain the different benefits and costs associated with each plan to help you make an informed decision.



Once you have selected the best plan for your needs, I will complete all documents and paperwork to facilitate the enrollment process. I will verify the correct enrollment period and track the application as it goes through the approval process.

Ongoing Support

Even after the enrollment process is complete, I provide ongoing support to you. This includes answering any questions you may have about your coverage, helping you understand your benefits and costs, and assisting with any issues that may arise. I also help you review your coverage annually to ensure it still meets your healthcare needs.


Here's What You Need To Know About Medicare

How To Get Started

When is the right time to enroll for Medicare? Stay up to date on all things Medicare.


ABC and D's of Medicare

Learn the ABCs of Medicare. We examine what each part can do for you and also what options you have.


Advantage Plans

Learn what Medicare Advantage Plans are and how they work. I have several options that may work for you.


Supplement Plans

Supplement plans, or Medigap policies, may cover expenses not covered by original Medicare. Let's discuss to see if a Medicare Supplement Plan is the right choice for you.


What our clients are saying

"I always call Mike Reigh "MEDICARE MIKE".  He did a FANTASTIC job answering ALL of my detailed questions before, during, and after my Medicare enrollment process.  Mike responds quickly to my emails and phone calls, and always goes the extra mile to help.  His in-depth knowledge and experience with Medicare made the entire process easier for me.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

Diane Koser

Medicare Insurance

I went to a meeting at our local library just hoping to get a little information. Mike had booklets and papers ready that he then went through and explained everything. He answered all my questions and when I had more, he would answer in timely emails. We decided that this was the right place and he got us set up. He is friendly and well informed. I’m so glad my library hosted him."

Dave Zouski

Medicare Insurance

"My experience with Mike at CMR was a good one for my husband and I. The handout explained all the different plans right next to each other so at a glance you can see and compare. We picked a plan for my husband that just wasn't a perfect fit.  After two months we called Mike and wanted to switch plans. No problem. Mike came out and we went over everything. Change was made and we are happy and relieved. Thanks Mike for your expertise."

Margaret Sutherland

Medicare Insurance

"Mike has been my insurance agent for several years and as a senior citizen, I depend on his knowledge and expertise for all my questions and concerns. He promptly follows up when called.  I intend to have Mike as my agent for many years.  Thanks Mike!"

Carol Reigh

Medicare Insurance

"CMR is always very helpful when we need any advice or information very prompt on answering questions and getting back to you. THANKS MIKE"

Larry Redmann

Medicare Insurance

"Mike has always been very knowledgeable and helpful choosing healthcare plans that meet our specific needs.  He answers questions promptly and has made the process of enrollment easy and uncomplicated."

Warren Baitinger

Medicare Insurance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Mike with any other questions you may have.
What is Medicare?
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Medicare is government national health insurance program. It is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid  Services.

What are the different parts of Medicare?
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Medicare has four parts: Part A covers hospital insurance, Part B covers medical insurance, Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage) is an alternative to Parts A and B, and Part D covers prescription drugs.

When can I enroll in Medicare?
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You can enroll in Medicare during your initial enrollment period, which is usually the three months before and after your 65th birthday. There are also other enrollment periods, such as the annual enrollment period and special enrollment periods.

What is a Medicare Advantage plan?
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A Medicare Advantage plan is an alternative to traditional Medicare (Parts A and B) and is offered by private insurance companies. These plans often offer additional benefits, such as dental and vision coverage.

How much does Medicare cost?
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There is no premium of Part A for most people. For 2023, Part B has a monthly premium of $164.90. This amount may be higher based on your income. Part C (Medicare Advantage) and Part D (Prescription drug plans) may also have a monthly premium which can vary by plan. Deductibles, coinsurance and copays may apply to all part of Medicare.

Can I change my Medicare coverage?
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Yes, you can change your Medicare coverage during certain enrollment periods. You can switch from traditional Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan, switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or switch from one Part D plan to another.

How do I find the right Medicare plan for me?
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The right Medicare plan for you depends on your specific healthcare needs and budget. A licensed Medicare insurance agent can help you compare plans and determine which one is best for you.